Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vanilla Bicycles, Handcrafted in Portland

Vanilla Bicycles "Randonee" Model
The folks at Vanilla Bicycles in Portland, OR described themselves as a collaborative community of framebuilders, painters, wood, leather and metal workers, and photographers. At the center of this community is owner, designer, framebuilder Sacha White, who's been building bicycles since 1999.

Check out their elegant handcrafted bicycles, which are constructed with high-tech steel tubing silver-soldered, for strength, to beautiful Henry James investment-cast lugs.

Also check out the larger community of bike builders, craftsmen, artisans, and racers that the crew at Vanilla works and socializes with at their Community page. You will see there an ethic of collaboration and sharing that is very much a part of the culture of Portland's creatives, which is celebrated in Charles Heying's book, Brew to Bikes (see the Amazon link to below).

Also check out the bicycling apparel and bicycle-themed t-shirts and hats that feature their stylish logo at the Vanilla online boutique.

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